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Commercial Real Estate Representation

We welcome commercial transactions of all kinds. We offer our services for commercial representation from initial consultation, planning and provide advice to assist clients to evaluate projects whether for the purchase or sale of all types of transactions including multi-family apartment buildings, condominium development, office buildings, retail centers or shopping centers. We review and represent clients before local governmental bodies for planning review and approvals. We review and draft ingress and egress easements and cross easements. We draft and review letters of intent.

We assist clients in negotiation of terms of purchase or sale. We draft commercial real estate contracts for buyers. We review and consult with regard to offers for owners and revise commercial sales contracts. We consult and advise as to financing, arranging and attending conferences with prospective financial institutions.

We can assist clients to obtain and resolve environmental reports and analysis. We assist in due diligence coordination and review. We will arrange for Phase I or Phase II environmental surveys of property. We review commercial leases multi-family leases. We draft and prepare commercial leases for owners and review and negotiate commercial leases for tenants.